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Our mission is to empower creatives to turn their aspirations into action. 

This monthly podcast—featuring creatives from top global brands—shares stories from designers, marketers, writers, and others in the creative community.

The one uniting theme across each story? Each interviewee has opted to pursue their own creative dreams, whether that means through a life of travel, entrepreneurship, or an innovative model of their own making.

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About the Team

Derek is a creative who specializes in product graphic design and art direction. He’s super passionate about global youth culture, redefining visual languages and cultivating lasting, meaningful connections between brands and their audience. While very diverse, his aesthetic always has a sense of playfulness and purpose . Over the course of his career, he was worked globally in-house at Abercrombie, American Eagle and Nike.
Digital nomad, corporate graduate, outdoor adventurer, and founder of the Nomad Creativa brand strategy collective, Dani drives brand innovation with marketing strategies and public workshops supporting a healthy future for public lands, public health, and community well-being.
She has worked for and with Nike, Vail Resorts, and Microsoft Research, among others.

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